Cold Weather Safety Tips

With winter bringing extreme cold temperatures to the region, we want to share some important Cold Weather Safety Tips on how to keep yourself and your pets safe.

Cold-Weather-Safety-TIps-Cochran-Firm-OhioWhether it is working in this frigid weather, walking to work, or just standing at the bus stop waiting for your child. We all need to keep in mind the importance of maintaining a normal body temperature for ourselves, our children and even our pets. These Cold Weather Safety Tips will help avoid Frostbite and Hypothermia.

Protect Yourself, Your Family and Your Pets From Cold Weather

Here are some Cold Weather Safety Tips for keeping ourselves, our children and our pets safe in these unusually cold temperatures.

  • Appropriate Clothing. Wear warm outer clothing to keep the cold and wind from your skin. Remember, the wind-chill effect makes it much colder and more dangerous than the outside air temperature.
  • Keep your hands and feet proteceted. Wear mittens or warm gloves. While gloves will keep your hands warm, mittens will help your fingers share their warmth. Wear warm high socks that will keep your feet dry and warm.
  • Protect your lips. Protect your lips from drying and cracking by using a lip moisturizer.
  • Keep Hydrated. Drink plenty of non-alcoholic liquids to stay well hydrated.
  • Be prepared on the road. Keep blankets, extra socks, snacks and water in your vehicle in case you become stuck or stranded.
  • Protect your children. Instruct children to come inside if their clothes become wet or when they feel cold.
  • Protect your pets. Keep your pets inside when the temperature is below freezing.

Signs of Frostbite and Hypothermia


Frostbite is a serious condition that can be reversed if caught early. Frostbite generally feels numb, though you may also feel itchy, burning, or pinching pain as it sets in. Frostbite appears as white, grey, or yellow patches on exposed skin.


Hypothermia is also a serious condition that can be fatal if not caught in time. Hypothermia occurs when the core temperature of the body drops below 95 degrees. Symptoms of hypothermia include shivering uncontrollably, sleepiness, and being unable to think clearly. A person suffering hypothermia may stumble, grumble, fumble, and mumble, and will probably have difficulty talking, holding onto an object and walking. Someone suffering from hypothermia be brought to the nearest emergency room.

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