Ohio ATV Accidents: Adult Ohio ATV Deaths and Injuries Remain Far Too High

ATV-Accident-Lawsuit-LawyerA man dies in Gallia County, Ohio while attempting to cross a log on a steep hill. The man was thrown from the rolling ATV, which then pinned him to a tree. In Shelby, Ohio, a man fought for his life for weeks before succumbing to his injuries after he flipped an ATV while trying to make a turn. A Bowling Green, Ohio man died after being thrown from his ATV when he struck a drainage culvert. Unfortunately, statistics show that Ohio ATV accidents like these are far too common. In fact, some 10,000 Ohio ATV riders are seen in emergency departments across the state for accident related injuries each year, and more than 100 ATV riders will die.

CPSC Ranks Ohio 13th for ATV Accident Fatalities

According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC), Ohio ranks 13th in the nation for reported ATV-related deaths, with 336 persons being killed between 1982 and 2010. Sadly, this number will continue to increase as the agency continues to collect and analyze data. Ohio’s neighbors ranked even higher, with Pennsylvania having the second highest ATV related deaths (424) and West Virginia having the fourth highest (398).

The hilly terrain of Ohio and its neighboring states makes them perfect for ATV enthusiasts, though that same terrain presents many challenges and dangers, especially to a novice rider. Experienced Ohio ATV riders recommend that riders become familiar with the terrain where they will be riding to check for hidden dangers like ditches, logs, or other obstructions that could cause an ATV to flip or tip.

Ohio ATV Accidents Could Decrease with Proper Safety Precautions

According to the Toledo Blade, helmets are too often ignored by ATV riders. Wood County Sherriff Mark Wasylyshn said he said sees ATV accidents in his county all too often. “We see this every year. People go too fast, lose control, and fly off the vehicle-and they aren’t wearing a helmet.”

17-year old Chase Lindecker told the blade that riders need good helmets, riding boots, and even a chest protector and neck brace which can offer more protection if an accident does happen. He said “A lot of people don’t want to spend a lot of money on a helmet, but you only have one head.”

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