Ohio Cancer Cluster Lawsuit Names Whirlpool in $750 Million Class Action Lawsuit

Ohio Cancer Cluster in Clyde Ohio, Home of Whirlpool Washing Machine Factory, Prompts $750 Million Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Whirlpool Corp and Others Over Residents Exposure to Cancer Causing PCBs.

Cancer-Cluster-Lawsuit-Wrongful-Death-Attorney-Cochran-OhioThree families have filed an Ohio Cancer Cluster class action lawsuit in Sandusky County, Ohio against the Whirlpool Corporation and other defendants on behalf of all those who died within a 12-mile cancer cluster allegedly from exposure to toxins including polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). Whirlpool has a washing machine factory and was the owners of Whirlpool Park in Clyde, Ohio, a town in heart of the cancer cluster.

Ohio Cancer Cluster Lawsuit

The Ohio cancer cluster lawsuit alleges a link between toxic chemicals found at Whirlpool Park, where the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducted soil, ground water, and soil vapor testing last November, to the high rate of child cancers in the area. According to WNWO, attorneys for some of the families said the chemicals were found at depths of up to 9.5-feet, making the location an illegal toxic dump area.

Forty young people have been diagnosed with various cancers since the mid 1990s and state and federal agencies have been investigating the possible causes of the cancer cluster for over six years. So far, the investigations have not determined a specific link to the cancer cluster, though PCBs are believed to be cancer causing toxins, the Herald Palladium reports.

Whirlpool released a statement regarding the EPA findings saying “As a member of the community for over 60 years, with more than 3,000 employees in the area, we are also very interested in figuring out the facts behind this ongoing issue,” Bloomberg reports. Families whose children have developed cancer have come together to hire a private consultant to conduct further tests in and around the cancer cluster area.

The class action lawsuit alleges that Whirlpool “knew or should have known” that the release of the toxic chemical at the park would “injure its neighbors,” and the company breached it duty of ordinary care to its neighbors “by dumping toxic materials at Whirlpool Park without designating or disclosing the site,” the Herald Palladium reports the lawsuit as saying. The class action complaint also names the current property owner, Grist Mill Creek LLC as a defendant, alleging the company “failed to decontaminate” the property which is a “toxic chemical dump site.” The Ohio cancer cluster lawsuit seeks punitive damages of $750 million and compensatory damages for plaintiffs and class members of $25,000 each, and requests that a medical monitoring and cleanup fund be created.

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