Study Details the Effects of Drugs on Pregnancy

Report by American Academy of Pediatrics examines the effects of drugs on pregnancy, specifically short and long-term effects of nicotine, alcohol, marijuana and illicit drugs on the fetus and newborn when used by women during pregnancy.

Ohio-Personal-Injury-Attorney-Cochran-Firm-OhioWhile many women make positive lifestyle changes when they are trying to have children, others may fail to discontinue recreational or illicit drug use before and during pregnancy. Though the effects of alcohol of the development of the fetus are widely recognized, the effects of drugs on pregnancy are not always known or discussed by pregnant women and their physicians.

However, The Cochran Firm-Ohio wants mothers to know about a new study by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) which reveals the effects of drugs on pregnancy and specific long and short term effects on the developing fetus when mothers continue to partake during pregnancy.

According to the report by the AAP, how a particular drug effects a developing fetus varies according to what drug is used and at what point during development the fetus is exposed. While commonly used drugs, including alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines and opiates may all cause the baby to develop physical malformations when used during pregnancy, they may also cause issues with brain developments when used later in the pregnancy.

Key Information of The Effects of Drugs on Pregnancy

  • Nicotine use has long been known to have a direct effect on the baby’s growth, though research now shows that it may have a negative effect on long-term behavior, cognition, and language and achievement
  • Alcohol causes growth problems as well as congenital anomalies (present at birth) and abnormal neurobehavior (how the nervous system affects behavior)
  • Marijuana use may have long-term effects on behavior, achievement, and cognition (how a baby learns and understands)
  • Cocaine use effects the baby’s growth and neurobehavior and also causes negative long-term effects on behavior and even language
  • The effects of methamphetamines on a baby are still being studied, however, these early studies show that meth effects the growth of the baby as well as their neurobehavior in infancy
  • Opiate use during pregnancy cause the baby to suffer withdrawal symptoms as the baby may be born addicted

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome occurs when a baby is born addicted to a drug because the drug was used by the mother while pregnant. This syndrome can create a whole host of problems and issues for the baby and is caused when illicit or prescription drugs cross through the womb to reach the baby. These babies often need medical care following their birth, and may need medical treatments to help the baby get through the symptoms of withdrawal.

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