The Cochran Firm – Ohio Files Personal Injury Lawsuit in Tractor Trailer Accident that Left a Hamilton County Woman Severely Injured

The Tractor Trailer Accident Lawsuit Alleges that Estes Express Lines and its Driver Were Reckless, Negligent and Demonstrated a Conscious Disregard for the Safety of the Plaintiff.

Tractor-Trailer-Persoanl-Injury-Lawyer-Lawsuit-AttorneyThe Cochran Firm – Ohio, an experienced full service, personal injury law firm with offices in Cincinnati and Dayton that represents accident victims throughout Ohio, has filed a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of a Hamilton County, Ohio, woman who was >severely injured in a collision with a tractor trailer on May 1¬¬8, 2011. The lawsuit, which was filed in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court, names Estes Express Lines and its driver as Defendants. (Case No. A1205382).

According to the complaint, the alleged victim was operating a motor vehicle on Interstate 71 southbound in Hamilton County when the driver of a tractor trailer owned, leased or rented by Estes Express Lines allegedly failed to maintain an assured cleared distance ahead, and collided with the rear of the Plaintiff’s vehicle, leaving her severely injured. Among other things, the complaint alleges that the driver of the tractor trailer failed to operate the vehicle with due care, but rather operated it in a manner showing a disregard for the safety of others, including the alleged victim. The lawsuit further alleges that Estes Express Lines failed to adequately train, supervise and control its driver.

The lawsuit charges that the Defendants’ negligence and recklessness caused the victim to sustain severe and permanent injuries, including but not limited to injuries to her head, neck, back, and chest; current and future medical expenses; great pain and suffering, both physical and emotional; loss of ability to perform usual functions; and current and future lost wages. The alleged victim is seeking both compensatory damages, as well as punitive damages for Defendants’ alleged willful, wanton, malicious and conscious disregard for the safety of others, including the Plaintiff.

According to The Cochran Firm – Ohio, far too many innocent people are injured and killed in >motor vehicle collisions with tractor trailers and other large trucks. Last December, the >National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that while 2010 saw a drop in most types of traffic accident fatalities, trucking accident-related deaths actually increased by 8.7%. Overall, 3,675 people were killed in large truck crashes that year, with the majority of the fatalities involving occupants of other vehicles. The number of injuries sustained in large truck crashes rose 12% from 2009 to 19,000, according to the NHTSA.

The Cochran Firm – Ohio offers free legal consultations to victims of motor vehicle accidents throughout Ohio, including those involving tractor trailers or other large trucks. If you or someone you love was injured in a motor vehicle crash, it is vital you retain a skilled accident attorney to ensure your legal rights are protected. If you are seeking personal, dedicated and aggressive legal representation in the wake of a tractor trailer accident, please contact The Cochran Firm today by visiting >cochranohio.com, or call (513) 381-HURT.

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