Filing an Ohio Personal Injury Claim

If you have been involved in an Ohio Auto Accident, you may suffer pain, be forced to take time off of work, and incur significant medical expenses. For these reasons, accident victims will often seek the help of a personal injury attorney to file an Ohio personal injury claim.

Ohio-Personal-Injury-Claim-Attorney-Lawyer-Lawsuit-Wright-Schulte-LLCThose involved in an Ohio Auto Accident often seek the aid of a personal injury attorney to file an Ohio Personal Injury claimagainst the insurance company of the at-fault driver. This Ohio personal injury claim will aid the personal injury victims in an effort to re-coop lost wages, and be compensated for medical bills and pain and suffering.

How To Help With Your Personal Injury Claim

The personal injury claims process can be lengthy and insurance companies can be obstinate. Help your personal injury attorney with the specific details of the accident and your injuries by doing the following:

    • contact the police as soon as the accident happens to make a report
    • take pictures of the other auto involved and the accident scene
    • Keep records of the accident, the injuries you suffered, and your medical treatments
    • Write down the full details of the accident
    • Record the dates of any and all doctor appointments along your diagnoses
    • Keep a copy of all medical reports and test results
    • Record the names of medications and treatments ordered, as well as how long you are to take them
    • Record when and for how long you missed work as well as wages lost
    • Write down the specifics of any statements that you gave regarding the accident and who you gave them to
    • Record any discussions with your insurance company as well as any contact made by the at-fault driver’s insurance company
    • Tell your attorney where your vehicle is and any damage done, if known

Your initial meeting with your personal injury attorney will be lengthy as you convey the details of the accident and turn over all documentation. You should also update your lawyer with any new developments, hospitalizations, diagnoses, or treatments.

This information will guide your attorney in drafting a demand letter, which details the accident and gives an estimate of the financial compensation that you deserve for your injuries and losses. It generally takes the at-fault driver’s insurance company a long while to respond, though your attorney will continue to negotiate with the insurance company and will advice you of any further steps needed to be taken.

Any offer made by the insurance company should be considered by both you and your attorney before acceptance or rejection.

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