Cochran Atlanta attorney speaks out about hospital crash on national news

Attorney Jane Lamberti from The Cochran Firm Cleveland and her client Kay Bailey appeared on ABC News and Fox News. Bailey was injured in June when visiting the emergency room of an Atlanta hospital and a grey car crashed through the entrance. 

Newly released footage shows the responsible driver crash into an SUV and then into the emergency room. Bailey was crushed as the car drove through the entrance, leaving her with two broken hips and a broken pelvis.

The crash occurred on the morning of June 30. Since then, Bailey has received 3 weeks of treatment and physical therapy. She’s now walking on her left side with the support of crutches. However, she can’t put weight on her right leg and experiences burning pain when she walks. Currently, Bailey is recovering while staying at home with her family. 

The cause of the crash is still unknown. However, the driver was cleared from . Police did not file any charges against the driver. Lamberti said they are conducting a private investigation through The Cochran Firm. Pending the investigation, they may file a claim against the hospital.

Lamberti stated that emergency room entrances are high-traffic areas, and there’s a chance for drivers to mess up and cause an accident and put pedestrians at risk. She further said that a hospital should know these situations can happen and do something about it.

Lamberti added, “A hospital has a duty to maintain a secure area for everyone who approaches the hospital.” Suggesting that protective concrete polls or barriers could not only have stopped the crash and protected Bailey, but also the other individuals who were hurt in the crash.

The hospital shared their condolences for those hurt in the crash but made no comment to ongoing or potential lawsuits.

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