Seven-Year Old Boy Among 16 Injured In Public Bus Crash

Public Bus Crash

Investigators cite motorist for careless driving

A seven-year old boy was among an estimated 16 passengers injured in Washington, D.C. when a motorist driving a van crashed into a public Metrobus. Police cited the van’s driver for failing to maintain safe driving speed and failure to stay in his lane.

The young victim and about 10 others were hospitalized after the accident, according to investigators. The crash occurred in the North East quadrant of the city just outside a residential neighborhood when the van went through an intersection, striking the bus.

While reports suggest the victims’ injuries were not life-threatening, the crash was nonetheless violent. Local media outlets claim the seven-year old was thrown off his feet during the collision, causing him to hit his head on a metal pole inside the bus, inducing memory loss.

Who pays for hospital bills after an auto accident?

The health and wellbeing of victims is paramount after an auto accident, no matter how minor it may seem. Sometimes, serious injuries do not manifest themselves until hours or even days after a crash so it is important to document one’s health immediately.

While personal health insurance and programs like Medicaid help to cover some of the medical treatment, victims often incur costly bills. Most of us assume the at-fault driver’s insurance company will make up the difference but this is not always the case.

Often times, stingy insurance companies attempt to downplay the extent to which victims were harmed by their client’s careless actions, leaving ordinary people to pick up the pieces. Fortunately, the law gives car crash victims legal remedy to recover for all of the damages they suffered, including physical pain and suffering.

Experienced car crash attorneys

Following a car crash, victims should immediately seek medical attention and strongly consider speaking to an experienced Washington, DC personal injury lawyer about their case. Car crash attorneys have the skills and legal training necessary to help victims get the justice and compensation they deserve.

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