Ohio Child ATV Accidents Harm More Kids Than Bicycles

Ohio ATV accident news shows that ATV’s present dangers to adults and even more so to children.

Ohio-ATV-Accidents-Lawsuit-Lawyers-AttorneyJust recently, two teen aged girls were thrown from an ATV while traveling downhill at Clear Fork Ski Resort in Ohio. The girls hit a washout and were ejected from the ATV as it rolled. Both girls were transported by LifeFlight helicopters to Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Luckily this Ohio child ATV accident ended on a positive note; while both girls were seriously injured, they are expected to recover. Like most ATV accidents, the accident was caused by a lack of experience and skill, and compounded by ATV misuse.

Multiple Riders and Low Helmet Use are Major Contributors to Ohio Child ATV Accidents

While the two teen aged girls in the Clear Forks accident were wearing helmet, a major contributing factor to Ohio child ATV accident injuries is riding with passengers. ATVs have a long seat to give the driver freedom to maneuver their weight to increase stability. While the seat is large enough accommodate multiple riders, doing so hinders the driver’s ability to maneuver which increases the risk of an ATV accident.

In a study from the University of Iowa, researchers found that equipping ATVs with shorter seats may discourage extra ATV passengers. Lead study author Dr. Charles A. Jennissen, MD, FAAP said “We suggest that a shorter seat, starting further from the handle bar attachment is the preferred ATV seat design. This should discourage multiple passenger ATV use by reducing the space available for additional riders, and help decrease the number of ATV injuries,” the American Academy of Pediatrics reported. (https://www.aap.org/en-us/about-the-aap/aap-press-room/pages/Multiple-Riders,-Lack-of-Helmet-Use,-and-Faster-ATVs-Contribute-to-Pediatric-Injuries.aspx)

According to a second study by Dr. Jennissen, researchers found that head injuries are the leading cause of ATV accident fatalities and that, unfortunately, less than 20 percent of ATV riders wear helmets. However, research also shows that helmet use could cut ATV accident fatalities by more than 40 percent and non-fatal head injuries by about 60 percent. (https://www.iowaepsdt.org/epsdtnews/2012/Spring%202012/ATV%20Collisions.html)

Ohio requires all riders to wear a helmet when riding on public lands, and riders under the age of 16 are barred from operating an ATV unless they are accompanied by an adult or riding on land owned by their parent.

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