Ohio Child Injury News: A Child Athlete Hurt Every 25 Seconds

Child-Safety-Injuries-Lawyer-Lawsuit-AttorneyA new study published by Safe Kids Worldwide finds that child who play sports are injured a surprising high rate. In fact, about 1.35 million children are severely injured and taken to emergency rooms each year. Safe Kids Worldwide CEO and President Kate Carr said in a statement, “We uncovered some surprising and disturbing data about how often our kids are being injured playing sports.” Especially since data shows that a child is injured about every 25 seconds.

Sports Related Child Injury Statistics

Researchers also found that about 451,000 strains and sprains are treated at emergency rooms each year, followed by 249,500 fractures, 210,000 contusions, and 163,670 internal organ injuries like concussions. The report said that the concussion data was especially disconcerting, as it means that one child suffers a concussion about every three minutes. Also ‘disturbing’ is the fact that about half of those concussions were in children between the ages of 12 and 15, ages when “serious and potentially fatal diffuse brain swelling is more common” with a traumatic brain injury is sustained. Regarding concussions, football had the highest rates, then wrestling, cheerleading, and ice hockey.

Ohio Child Injury and Concussion Prevention Program

From 2002 to 2009, 31,484 sports related traumatic brain injuries were suffered by children under the age of 18 and treated in emergency departments across Ohio. According to a study published by the Ohio Department of Health entitled “Sports/Recreation-Related Traumatic Brain Injuries Among Ohio’s 18 and Younger Population” a significant increase in the number of Ohio child brain injuries were seen over the course of the study, with 2,859 children seen in state ERs in 2002 increasing to 6,040 in 2009.

Lenox Hospital Director of Sports Medicine and Traumatic Brain Injury Dr. Robert Glatter told CBS News that the Safe Kids Worldwide report “should serve as a wake-up call and continual reminder for all parents, coaches and medical personnel about the risk of sports-related concussions – especially in younger athletes before they enter high school.” Glatter said that the report shows how badly the youth sporting industry needs to focus on injury prevention. “The most effective protection for our children is having a solid team of parents, coaches and medical professionals united to keep our children safe and educated to ensure their longevity in the sports they enjoy.”

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