Ohio School Bus Accident Brings Up The Topic of Bus Safety Tips

An Ohio School bus accident results in four children being taken to a nearby children’s hospital.

Ohio-School-Bus-Accident-Cochran-OhioAn Ohio School bus accident occurred when a School bus in New Albany heading to Cornerstone Academy was involved in an Ohio crash with two other vehicles at the corner of Harlem Road and Bishops Wood Road. According to the police report, the crash involved two vehicles and the school bus. A car was at the stop sign and turned onto Harlem Road, colliding with the bus. A second vehicle was also involved in the accident. Four children on the Ohio School bus were taken to the Children’s Hospital as a precaution. Authorities state that the children should be fine.

This Ohio bus accident brings up the topic of School bus safety and Ohio bus accident statistics. Each year, several Ohio school bus accidents occur throughout the state. Most crashes are caused by external factors, like weather conditions, other drivers that fail to follow traffic laws, and unsafe roads.

The positive side to Ohio school bus accidents is that they have decreased since 2006. In 2011, there were a total of 1,447 school bus crashes with a total of 6 fatalities and 238 injuries. Improved safety laws are responsible for the decline in school bus crashes. (January, 2012 https://www.publicsafety.ohio.gov/links/2011CrashFacts.pdf)

Sharing the Road with Ohio School Busses

The Ohio State Patrol and local police departments want children and school busses to be safe on the road. That is why Ohio has strict laws relating to school bus safety. You can find the current school bus laws under Revised Ohio Code Section 4511.75.

When on the road with a school bus, always follow existing school bus traffic safety laws:

  • Stop for school busses when the bus stop lights are on. Stop at least 10 feet from the bus on either side. Do not remove movement until the bus starts to move or the bus driver signals that it is safe.
  • On a two-lane road, traffic traveling in both directions should stop. On a road with four or more lanes, or on a divided highway, traffic moving in the same direction should stop.
  • Violation of these laws will not only result in a rise in school bus-related crashes, but it also gives drivers a hefty penalty. The fine for violating school bus laws is up to a $500 fine with a license suspension defined in Code Section 4510.02. The suspension length varies based on the driving history of the person breaking the law and the person’s mental condition.
  • (October 2013 https://codes.ohio.gov/orc/4511.75)

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