Understanding The Ohio Texting Law

Ohio-Texting-Law-Wright-Schulte-LLCTexting while driving is extremely dangerous. In fact, according to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, texting while driving makes you 23 times more likely to have an accident. To combat the high rate of distracted driving, Ohio implemented an Ohio texting law that prohibits any driver from sending or reading texts while operating a vehicle. However, the ban also has specific guidelines for drivers under the age of 18.

Ohio Texting Law

Under the Ohio texting law, drivers under the age of 18, the law states that it is illegal to use any electronic communications device while operating a vehicle. Underage drivers are not allowed to text, email, play video games, or use a GPS device, unless it is hands-free or voice-operated. The law also stipulates that drivers under the age of 18 are not allowed to talk on their cell phones at all, even with a Bluetooth device, including Bluetooth speakers. They are also not allowed to use computers, laptops, or tablets while driving. The ban specifically says all of these things are illegal, even when a driver is sitting at a red light or stuck in traffic.

For drivers under the age of 18, using an electronic communication device for any reason, other than making an emergency call to police, a hospital, or the fire department, is a primary offense, meaning that you can be pulled over and cited for breaking any part of the law.

The first time an underage driver violates the law, they will be issued a $150 fine and their license will be suspended for 60 days. A second violation will garner the driver a 12 month license suspension and a $300 fine.

Ohio Texting Ban for Adult Drivers

Drivers over the age of 18 are banned from writing, sending, or reading a text while driving. Adults who break the law will be cited for a misdemeanor offense and fined up to $150. Adults who chose to text while driving are committing a secondary offense, which means that they can’t be pulled over specifically for texting while driving.

For more information regarding the Ohio texting ban, visit the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles